MoreBeer! held the “Grand Re-Opening” of its Concord showroom this weekend.  They have expanded the store to perhaps triple its previous size.

The new showroom is ample, airy, and well-lit.  The aisles are wide and one can move about without fear of bumping into anything or anyone.   There is also an expanded and improved grain room, with an enclosed milling area.

To be honest, it was a much-needed move.  The showroom, as it was previously, was nice and friendly, and all, but as their inventory grew it was becoming crowded and outgrowing what would have been a somewhat dark, but cute and cozy little shop when in was opened way back when.

The MoreBeer! crew are clearly loving the expansion, as when I visited Saturday morning -although they were quite busy and rushing about helping customers- they were all-smiles!

995 Detroit ave. Unit G
Concord, CA 94518