On Saturday the Peruvian 5th National Craft Brewers Congress was held. Naturally, due to the pandemic, this year’s edition of the congress was move online and streamed over FaceBook. As usual, the emphasis was on connecting Peruvian brewers with other Latin American brewers.

This year’s guest speakers were:

José Bini, of Buenos Aires’ Bierhaus Brewing Co., who spoke on “Infinite Reutilization of Yeast in an IPA”.

  • Dora Durán, co-founder of MUt Cerveza Artesanal in Quito. Duran is also the Director of the Independent Beer Association of Ecuador (Asocerv), and a co-founder of Latin American Women Brewers’ Network. She spoke on “Tips for Making Good Lagers: Processes and Innovation”.


  • Jaime Zuluaga, co-founder and brewer of the Costa Rica Beer Factory and head of the CRBF Beer School, a project started two years ago and which now has nine instructors and some 400 graduates. Zuluaga spoke on “Pastry Beers, Fruit, and More”.

The sessions were moderated by Pepe Villarán (Psycho Brewery, Planeta Bierra), Elizabeth Yenny (Ari-Qquepay brewery, chairperson of Peruvian Craft Meadmakers Association), Rodrigo Vargas (homebrewer), and the overall host was Andrea Huerta (head of quality control at Barranco Beer Company, Pinks Boots Perú).