Today’s review is of Tres Diablos triple IPA by Danville Brewing Co. (Danville, California). Tres Diablos is a beer released every February, timed to coincide with Beer Week.

Tres Diablos pours with a nice dense head, with multiply-sized bubbles, that takes a while to subside. It is a clear, translucent beer, and, from the can, it presented very little haze in my glass.

In the nose, it offers mostly citrus – orange blossom, a subtle bit of tangerine. Upon tasting, it has a fruity bitterness, with touches of melon, mango, and pine, with a notable sweetness to back up the bitterness, and a creamy, smooth mouthfeel.

There is a residual sweetness and lingering bitterness in the aftertaste, but -unlike even many “single” IPAs- it is not cloying or resinous in the mouth or aftertaste. You feel you could have this one and still taste something other than hops afterward.

Tres Diablos is easy to like, and dangerously easy to drink. You could have one, and another one could go down quite well. It is an outstanding beer.